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All Dressed Up


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Album Liner Notes

Every Musician Needs A Friend Like Java

We all have a friend like Java.  That one furry four-legged friend who just loves everything we do.  While writing and rehearsing new songs, Java sits patiently and listens to all our good songs, and even all the bad ones.  He loves them each and every one, even the ones that end up in the trash along with the junk food wrappers and coffee filters.  Sometimes it may look like Java is sleeping, bored or eagerly awaiting dinner, but don’t be fooled.  All we need to do is say the word, and Java will get all dressed up in his Sunday best and follow us anywhere.

Barely Covered - needs to thank John Patti, Chris Farrelly, Joe Howell, Ed Petersen, Keith Blumetti, Warren Hibbert,  Gary Sanguinetti, our friends at Kroghs, Jean-Marc at Baz Bar, and Joe at 54 Main.

Joe McKee - would like to thank Dave & Jax for nearly 20 years of friendship & music - typically musicians would have killed each other by now, but we're friends first; Heather, Bella Boo & family for their love & support; my 'rents & family for always being there for me (and I mean always); my Lake Mohawk peeps for taking me in; all the BC fans who come out to the live shows; all the local musicians and artists that inspire me; my trusty co-pilot Dunkin' who watches the car on coffee runs; the Honey Badger; and the dude who invented the ukulele!

Alan Jax Bowers - thanks Tracy, K, Syd, Z, Dave and Joe, Chris Crean, Chris Grajewski, Richard Taninbaum, George Sigler, Carla Lorah, Vince Manucuso, Jeff Kelly, Dil Davies, Reto Hirschi, Dave Derr, Ingo Marte, and last but not least Ralph MacDonald who even after his passing still inspires me to make great music.

Alan Jax Bowers endorses Rhythm Tech, Kelly Shu, Porter & Davies, and Cympad.

Dave McBride - would like to thank Corinn and my family for all their unconditional love and support, Mike for writing a great set of lyrics, Joe and Alan for decades of making me sound good, Chris Poh, Pete Lyon, Steve Difilippo, Crawford Boyd, everyone at Molly Malones for over a decade of support, Lilly and Ted for listening to these songs probably a thousand times and, of course, that man with the broken sandals.

Monday Night

(J. McKee)

Monday night when I crossed your path

You crossed me twice and you doubled back and I

I gave you all that I had to give

Never once did it cross your lips to say

Thank you, thank you, thank you

And Tuesday came and Tuesday went

It came in like a lion and left lion-like all again

Maybe you were tied up and didn't get home until I don't know when

And figured that I was asleep in bed

To say thank you, thank you, thank you

And I said forget it, please don't mention it, anytime, it was nothing, you're welcome

And I said forget it, please don't mention it, anytime, it was nothing, you're welcome

Wednesday's here and it's nearly gone

And here I am thinking that it won't be long

Before you ring my bell or ring my phone

My clock rings instead and it's Thursday morn'

Still no thank you, thank you, thank you

Friday morning to Friday eve

Hibernating like a recluse with myself, I , and me

And what if something's really wrong with me but I just can't see

Suffice to say this is bugging me

Due to a thank you, thank you, thank you

The weekend wanders in and I write my speech

I compose a composition of sentences of evil speak

And finally I stumble on every single little bit of ounce of nerve

To tell you all the things that I deserve

Maybe a thank you, thank you, thank you

And Monday drops down like an anvil weight

And there you are in front of me and I begin to hesitate

To tell you the truth I don't remember what, when, how, or who

All I heard was a thank you

You said thank you, thank you, thank you

Bass: Chris Farrelly

Walk With Me

(D.McBride/M. McBride)

I’ll get some people to gather around me

I’ll get a house with a big brick fence

I’ll get a woman to tell me she loves me

I’ll write a song that maybe makes sense

I’ve been searchin for my own lonely

The one who thinks that I’m enough

She would never tell me a story

Never thinks that I’m too much


But it seems so simple

And it’s all in my head

Come and Walk With Me     

We’ll Walk Together       

Come and Walk With Me     

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’ll tell her stories of years on Walden

I’ll tell her about my days with JFK

I’ll tell her bout the time I sailed

From Land’s End to Montego Bay


Never said that I was one for searchin

But never once did I give up

Always left my door wide open

Don’t ever think that I’m too much

Bass: Chris Farrelly



Percolate or automatic drip

Serve yourself or served to you, take your pick

Caffeine coctail, can't wait for a sip

This is how I live.

Revolve my day around my cup of joe

I gotta ten cup a day habit that I just can't let go

Barista grind me another espresso

This is how I live.


Now I know I got a problem that I can't control

I tried decaf, the java placebo

Aromatic arabica beans brew in my dreams


Caffeine, my twelve ounce adrenaline

Caffeine, my liquid amphetamine

Caffeine, not the pot that you had in mind      

Caffeine, it's a seed of a different kind.

Family intervention didn't work on me

I went to the Betty Folgers clinic now they all drink caffeine

Gettin' high on Sweet-n-Low and cream

This is how I live

Caffeine, my twelve ounce adrenaline

Caffeine, my liquid amphetamine

Caffeine, not the pot that you had in mind

Caffeine, it's a seed of a different kind.

Caffeiene, I take my dose several times a day

Caffeine, wouldn't want you, wouldn't want you, wouldn't want you another way

Caffeine, drink of choice for insomniacs 

Caffeine, the bottomless cup will bring me back, bring me back.

It give me the jitters, gives me the shakes                                   

But that's alright cause sometimes that's what it takes

To even out this crooked day, yeah

It makes me nervouse, you could say a little edgy

People say I oughta drink from the juice of a veggie

Oh you can keep your Cuisinart.


Bass: Chris Farrelly

Nine Mile High

(D. McBride)


He strolls the streets                 

Broken sandals on his feet             

In a city faded by the sun

He might be miles down

from the mountain he was born

But he says “this where I’m from”

The concrete imperfections                  

And all those insurrections

He just calls it home

Nine Mile High

We sing to survive

Nine Mile High             

He sings for the ghosts

And tell him all his jokes

And he does it all for free

Up in Nine Mile High

Where the mountains meet the sky

Is the rock we came to see

Look down

Look all around

This is the place to be

One Voice

One Small Axe

Cut cut down any tree

Bass: Chris Farrelly


(J. McKee)

I'm left all alone again 

As naked as the wind

I'm left so vulnerable

Unable to cope with it

And I'm standing right next to me

I'm really not bad company

Why's it always seem to be

That I'm standing right next to me

Drunk, walking crooked down a straight path

Underneath the moonlight

They say that nice guys always finish last

And boy weren't they right

C'mon now...Just a little bit slower baby

Talking 'bout the moonlight, yeah

I'm left all alone again

Underneath the moonlight yeah

They say that nice guys always finish last

And boy weren't they right

And boy weren't they right

Bass: Chris Farrelly

Live It All Again

(D. McBride)

The sun and the sea, the sand and the breeze

If I can find a spot beneath the palm trees                           

Nothing to do, just you and the view                              

A bar down the beach for a drink or two             

It’s the only thing I wanna see

It looks a lot like home to me 

No one said it was simple

But it’s just a broken heart away

I don’t wanna wait til I’m sinkin

Until there’s nothing left to say

Let’s take a flyer, a treetop flyer

The one that leaves from Simpson Bay

It’s time to breath again

It’s time to sing

It’s time to dance beneath the waves

We’ve come all this way

for just this reason

To live it all again

It’s so much better here

So god damn simple

Let’s live it all again

Bass: Chris Farrelly


(J. McKee)

You tangle up my life        

Numb my senses steal my pride

Draw me in and wear me out           

Til I got nothing, nothing left but doubt

If I could make you go, you know that I would

If I could dim your glow, that would be good

If I could make you hit the road

I'd feel better    

Do my best to

keep it all inside

Trip me up and break my stride

Keep on running until

I create some space

Between us two and til you can't see my face


There's something I been wanting to tell you for so long

And here it is in a simple song, bye bye

Bass: Chris Farrelly

Jamaica Farewell

(Erving Burgess)

Bass: Joe Howell

Steel Drums: John Patti